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Personalized Candles

$20.00 - $45.00
Personalized Candles

"Set the Mood with Customized LED Flameless Candles!

Illuminate your space with warmth and ambiance using our LED flameless candles, fully customizable with any photo, message, or quote you desire. Each candle brings the flickering glow of a real flame without the worry of fire hazards, making it perfect for any occasion.

Here's why our LED flameless candles are a must-have:
- Personalization: Add your personal touch by customizing each candle with a meaningful photo, heartfelt message, or inspiring quote.
- Safe and convenient: Enjoy the beauty of candlelight without the risk of fire, smoke, or melted wax.
- Versatile decor: Whether it's for home decor, special events, or gifts, our LED candles add a touch of elegance to any setting.

Ordering Details:
- Price is per candle, allowing you to create a custom set to suit your needs.
- Please place your order at least a week prior to your desired date to ensure timely delivery. *Limited exceptions may apply.

Illuminate your space with love and light. Order our customized LED flameless candles today and let your memories shine bright!"

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